EDM Resin

EDM Resin

Ion exchange resin mainly removes metallic contaminants in the water for Wire EDM Machine, and reduces conductivity in the water to achieve the purpose of non-conductivity of the water. We imported raw materials from French; SUNRUSE-EDM Resin is made from a high grade mixed bed virgin resin. It is applicable to use in all of wire EDM machine types for water processing.


Wire EDM Filters

In order to produce a perfect finished product, EDM machines must always be kept clean to guarantee high levels of efficiency and precision when cutting materials.

Sunrise-EDM have special technology of folding paper to manufacturing wire EDM filters, and setting pore size in the high precision range 3-5 μ m to ensure our filter effectively removes particulate from coolant or water and to provide clean surface machining. We offer high quality EDM filter to meet customer needs.