SUNRISE Quality Control

Rigorous testing process have always been Sunrise’s top priorities.

IQCIncoming Quality Control

Every parts and materials will be carefully checked by the storage management personnel and damaged products will be removed to make sure the quality of each product is perfect.

IPQCIn Process Quality Control

From product manufacturing to finished product packaging each product in process will be checked step by step by strict process.

OQCOutgoing Quality Control

Before finished product ready for shipping, we will also seriously check to make sure every product without any mistake.

High-quality of SUNRISE
EDM wire guide under globally recognized

  • Each diamond has been carefully selected to ensure their long-life and consistent wear characteristics remain unaltered after repeated using.

  • Increase smooth surface and accurate aperture in hole, giving greater performance through reduced friction.

  • Using advanced production machines and measuring tools to ensure diamond guide of extremely high precision and accuracy.

Smart Technology Innovation

To meet the needs of individual customers, our advanced manufacturing technicians add value to performance of wire guider in many ways. We succeed has developed a series of large-angle wire guider, improving solution of diamond hole to allow the one direction of inclination up to angle of 45 degrees.

Special Customized Service

The accuracy of wire guides determines the precision of WEDM which is used for metal forming processes in various industries. Our wire guiders are engineered under the strict controlling and checking of quality to ensure effective usage and reliability. Special Sizes, these are available with us in various technical specifications are range as per the precise demands of clients.

What are the unique points of SUNRISE filters?

For decades, we've manufactured EDM filter for cost efficiency and reliability, we separate metal residues from those fluids to ensure stability and sustainability in EDM process. High accuracy of filter is determined on the filter material and pore size, thus we are following rigorous production process and strict product quality test routine to save our customer’s costs.

well known all over the world

strict product quality

save our customers costs


Quality Control

Regarding the producing of filter, every step has strict SOP and quality testing of materials, with at least twice the precision verification test shall be what we adhere to the product life cycle.

Technology Innovation

We use unique construction to extend filter life to ensure larger filtering surface, its life is almost the longer than conventional filters. Our team has aggressively invented a wide variety of wire EDM filters available to different market needs.

Imported Germany filter papers to improve the effectiveness of our filters and we also used the AP glue with more viscosity to make sure the filter papers could be fixed in filter more lasting.

Using folding machine to provide more detailed folding skills to let our filter paper inside the filter maintained within a certain range, reduced errors and improved the filter efficiency.

Adopting of latest spiral network technology to make the filter shaped into circle, so Wire EDM machine more convenient to work, and the filter forces evenly in the working of machine.

Setting pore size in the high precision range 3-5 μ m, in order to make them great filtration surface area and prolonging useful life, and in the process of operation our filter effectively removes debris.

3S as the central values the SUNRISE

Superb Quality Control

Smart Technology Innovation

Special Customized Service

“Superb Quality Control”, “Smart Technology Innovation” and “Special Customized Service” always have been at the core values of SUNRISE. Our products is designed and built to keep that efficient operation of equipment. We position ourselves as a Taiwan-based global high-quality EDM consumables solution provider who helps customers develop and design differentiated products, which the aim of helping them win more market share, and therefore, we believe that supplier selection, compatibility with the product design of us to achieve the best performance shall be deemed as the major base in terms of components. We're continually working hard to develop the best designs, ensure manufacturing efficiency, and cut cost to offer the best quality products and services to our customers.